Sunday, March 8, 2009

More sketches to come

I spent a goodly chunk of this weekend doing another set of sketches for my 7 Gypsies spinner. I haven't fired up my scanner yet, but I'll try to do that tomorrow and post another set of sketches for 5.5 x 7 pages. Some are pretty rough, because I was working while riding in the truck again and hubby's truck rides like a truck. Road construction didn't help, either. But I finished about 24-28 sketches and I'm very happy with the set of them. I don't go into detail with embellies most of the time. I'm usually working on just getting the bare bones of a layout sketched out. I added more notes on how to deal with the bare sketch, so I can better remember the general plan I had when i sketched something.

I didn't really think I was going to fill my sketch book, but I can see the last few pages already. I tend to create sets of sketches for specific projects or sets of pages for specific events. I don't create a sketch for a random page and save it for later. I'm too goal oriented and I don't have a goal of 'stash of sketches' I have goals of finish the pages for this event, or that project. The 7 Gypsies spinner is such a huge project that I'm actually getting close to creating sketches for use later.

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