Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to Cards

We went to a birthday party Thursday and I went through my basket of cards and found one that I'd made that would work well for the person having the birthday. But I also realized that there were not nearly as many cards in my basket as I'd thought there were. I've got several 'Greetings to Go' sets from Club Scrap that I have not even started working on sitting in a box under my worktable. I will pull that box out and get to work on a set of two, to replenish the basket.

I'd been delaying because I find it very difficult to create cards that I like from the paper and supplies that have been provided. I'm not that much into die cuts. Since the paper is pre-cut, I have to use ideas that will fit on that pre-cut paper and a lot of times, I don't have ideas at all. At other times, I've got the ideas, but then I fail in the execution and I can't try again, I've run out of paper. I do not do nearly as badly with the cards as I think I do, but I'm always struggling.

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