Monday, February 16, 2009

What Else do I Do?

I don't always work with paper. Sometimes I work with fabric. I have two sewing machines and one serger. My good old, reliable sewing machine is a Bernina 1130. It looks like this. It still works just fine, but I don't use it as my primary machine any more.

I've got a newer machine, one that does embroidery. It's a 165E, which doesn't tap dance, it wasn't the top of the line, but it was exactly the one that I wanted, because it had the same bobbin action as the 1130, and produced a top quality regular stitch. When set up for embroidery, it looks like this.

I also have the software that will allow me to create my own embroidery designs. I finally got it loaded onto this laptop and I'll be playing with it a little bit. It's possible to buy patterns on-line, download them and then send them to your machine to embroider. The application has a very small audience, as software goes, and it is extremely buggy and expensive.

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