Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Next Set Will Be...

H-D based. I have a lot of photos of us on different rides, and I need layouts for them. If I can do a set of 12 random layouts in a little under 36 hours, I can do enough layouts to take care of all the H-D photos I have selected. Next I'll do a set of Christmas layouts.

Working in sets like this will help me deal with my scraps of paper a bit better. If I just work on the next page I can't ever decide that I've used up enough of a paper and I end up with this growing pile of scraps. My worry is that I get tired of using the paper before the set is complete. I think a set of 12 is a bit much for the spinner. If I work on a smaller set, I'll have less chance of boredom. Eight sounds about right. That would be based on four sheets of 'base' paper and three or four sheets of contrasting paper. Yeah.

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