Friday, February 27, 2009

Page Sets and Scraps

While trying to use up my stash, I'm running into a problem. There are ever growing piles of scraps. All I can see is that I'm turning my stash of uncut pieces of paper that are easy to store and select for use into a smaller pile of odd shapes and sizes that are difficult to store and difficult to sort through to find what I want.

I'll select paper with a plan of using the paper for a specific set of pages. At some point, I'll have that set of pages completed. I might even have more than that set completed. I'll have added to the pile of scraps.

Why am I keeping those scraps? I have used the paper for the purpose I intended. I might even have exceeded that plan. Why can't I stop there and call that a win? Why must I keep scraps and attempt to get win+ out of them by saving them to use for some future layout?

The conclusion is, I do NOT have to keep those scraps. I am not starving for paper that I must hoard each and every molecule of it. I had a plan for the paper. I achieved what I planned. If I stop there and toss the scraps, I've got a win-win. I used up my paper and I used it to create something. What more do I want?

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