Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tip # 46. What is a Style? A style is a way to apply a set of adjustments to an object. All the adjustments have been saved as a single Style. When you right-click or Control-click on a layer in the layers panel, and select Blending Options, what opens up is a Pop-up with the title ‘Layer Style.’ (Don’t ask me about the title thing here. I have no clue.)There are many settings you can change for the panel that appears when you select it from the choices on the left. If you have Preview checked you can see what will happen before you click OK. Not only will that little gray box change, the item you clicked on will also change in the image you are working on. Once you have all the things you want changed, you can save that set of changes as a style and apply it very easily to another object. Once you have applied it, you can still open up the Blending Options and change things.

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