Thursday, February 10, 2011


Tip #41. A flattened image is one that no longer has separate layers in it. They have been merged, or flattened into one layer. It is customary to flatten images before printing them, or before publishing them on the Web. A flattened image is much smaller than one that has not yet been flattened. To flatten an image, go to Layer | Flatten Image. Or, if you save a file as a .jpg, you will flatten it as you save it. Grouping layers is not the same as flattening. You can ungroup a set of layers. When you flatten an image, you can’t expand it again. It is a good idea to save your images in a layered format and save them a second time as a flattened image. That way, if you find an error or a problem, you can correct it much more easily in the layered version.

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