Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tip #44. Those marching ants that show you what you have selected are really more of a visual guide to the general area that has been selected than they are a perfectly drawn outline of each pixel in the selected area. In fact, if the area is small enough, there will be no ants visible at all unless you zoom in a lot. This means you need to zoom in a lot if you require precision in determining if your selection is correct. Don’t let yourself get confuzzled by the difference between a selection, and a selected area. A selection would be the actual marching ants. The selected area is what’s inside the marching ants. You can adjust the marching ants without acting on the area inside them and also change the area inside and the marching ants will stay put. I can move a selection to a different layer, or even to a different file. I can only move or copy a selected area onto a new layer. But the new layer doesn’t have to be in the same file.

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