Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooking is also Creating

I've realized that I don't cook a meal, I tend to cook a dish or perhaps two and call that a meal. After watching "Julie and Julia" I got Julia Child's cookbook. She wrote for a novice cook, who worked from a few simple recipes and relied on mixes for a lot of things. I am not a novice, but there are great gaping holes in what I know about cooking.

Yesterday's attempt was a quiche. It was a success, mostly because I already know how to make a good pie crust and I've seen a quiche made. (Thanks Marsaili!) Did I let the hubster know it was a quiche? Yes, but after he started the 'Real men don't eat quiche' thing, I started calling it an egg and cheese pie. He had seconds.

Tonight is leftovers. Hubster usually does not eat leftovers. After working to create a quiche, excuse me, an egg and cheese pie, I'm going to put it on the table again, with something fresh added to the meal. There is more than half left, as there are only two of us and quiche is not a 'light' dish. My challenge isn't figuring out what to add to the meal, it's figuring out the best way to re-heat quiche. Some things do not do well in a microwave. I'd hate to find out that one of them is quiche.

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