Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Last Box

I'm extremely tired of unpacking, but I'm not done yet. Almost. Close. Only got a few boxes left to deal with. But not done. I'm taking a break because I'm so tired of unpacking.

I will need to close the door to my studio to block out the sound of the TV in the great room. I wanted to hang my large punches on a shoe storage bag on the door. The hooks at the top of the door get in the way, and the door won't close. Now where do I put the punches?

Ugh. I keep having to solve storage problems. Every time I mention this to a family member, they make a suggestion. But they haven't looked at my studio and they don't know what I have already done and tried. My MIL suggested that I use one of the bedrooms as my studio. I'm using the east bedroom as my studio. My husband suggested that I put a sewing table into the closet. I have already put two folding tables in the closet. I used to have one room for paper and one room for sewing. Now I have to put both rooms worth of stuff into one. It's large, but not that large.

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