Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Prediction and Comments

It's been about two months since Lori Davison released a kit. Odds are that something will pop up the Monday after Easter. I'd been watching Lori's kits get darker and darker as Winter went on. They were starting to look depressing and sad. I'd almost say Goth, but they were looking more and more Steampunk, that's for sure. I'm betting that this Easter/Spring kit will be pastels and ducks. She's already done bunny kits twice. If she doesn't do ducks, it will be a Prairie spring. That's just my guess- I could be wrong and I often am.

And after a dry spell that had her creative team struggling to keep their blog interesting, MGL Scraps has returned to creating with a bang. First it was her massive Dreams in Colour set, then she had a collab with Flergs, Indomitable, and now she's guest designer at Scrap Orchard. Welcome back, Monica, and it's good to see you again!

One of my fave designers has let me down. I am always on the lookout for guy friendly kits and Mikroferk's latest is not. It's beautiful and detailed, exquisite, in fact. But I won't be able to use it for my guys, so it's not going in my shopping cart.

Flergs originally caught my eye because she did guy friendly kits and her latest does not fail me. Or is it her latest? She's re-done one of her earlier kits. The ideas and basic design are the same, but since her skills have improved, she re-did the whole kit to her new, higher standard. Can I say yay? I can!

But yanno? I don't use the alphas that come with most digikits. I find them to be too large to use for more than a single word or two for a title. Even when I resize them, they can overpower a photo. What I'd prefer would be fonts, instead. And fonts that I could bold and make italic would be best.

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