Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sketches and Scraps

I haven't had a lot of time to crop, so I've been sneaking a few minutes here and there to do sketches for layouts that I can use later. It's working. When I've got time to sit down and crop, I'm working through the sketches and I'm getting a lot done more quickly.

I'm not keeping a lot of scraps these days. I have yet to think, "That scrap of yellow print that I threw away four months ago would have gone perfectly with this layout. Why didn't I keep it?" Nor do I dig through my scraps and find the perfect piece of anything to go with a layout that I'm needing 'just a little more' for. I don't miss the ones that I throw away and I don't use the ones that I keep. Ummm, why keep them?


Amy said...

Hi jean. Googling for ideas for my 7gyp photo carosuol and found your blog posts. Started as a quick Christmas present for MIL and still not done HA! I just started throwing away scraps too... Easier to clean up after a project if I don't have to spend time finding spots for a scraps! Would love to exchange some 4 x6 layouts ideas. Email if interested! :) amyshin -at- hotmail

Jean said...

I'm using more of the 5.5" x 7" clear stamp pages than 4" x 6" photo pages. Hmmm, I'll have to fire up the scanner and post a few sketches for the few 4 x 6 pages that I've done. I get lots of my ideas for these smaller layouts from card making sources.