Monday, December 29, 2008

Shelf or Rack?

If you look at my studio space above, you will notice a Jetmax cube with shelves in it that's at my left hand. The contents of the shelves have been changed since I took that photo and the shelves held 'big, flat tools and work surfaces' like my glass mat, my stamping mat and my big Score-it board. Getting the big, flat tools and work surfaces out and putting them away was a PITA. No matter which one I wanted, it was on the bottom of the stack.

By turning the cube from noon to 3:00 and making it not a set of shelves with things stacked on them, but a rack where I can slide things out that are side by side, I made getting those things out and putting them away much easier.

I also did that with my paper, when I took my paper off those shelves and put it into storage bins from Cropper Hopper.

DOH! Isn't that what we do with books? Isn't how file cabinets work? We don't store things by stacking them up. Next, I want to tackle how I store my ribbons. There's got to be a better way than those loose spools...

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