Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Computer?

Well, yes. When you can't update applications because your OS is too old, and you can't update the OS because the hardware is too old, you need a new computer. And I even got a new monitor. There's a chance I could run the old monitor, too. That would give me incredible screen real estate. In the scary realm, because my new monitor is 27". Plus the old flat panel? Yikes!

For now, I'm just installing applications that I want to have and I'm loading data. I finally have terrabytes of drive space on a single machine, with NO external hard drives. All of my music and all of my pictures in one location! Sort of. Eventually. Not counting local and remote backup copies. I AM a geek at heart. I have never lost data yet. Drives, yes. Data, no.

Folks are saying that they hate Windows 8. I dunno yet. There are a few things I'd rather it didn't do, but I can always change settings. A lot of things people are complaining about being hidden aren't in any different location than they always were. In some ways, I'm finding Windows 8 to be a cleaner interface.


montuos said...

I'd be interested to see what else you have to say about Win8 once you've had the chance to play with it longer. I haven't yet seen it on the hoof myself, but IIRC 8.1 was supposed to give back the start menu. What I've read that most gives me pause is that it seems to be strongly geared against cross-program multi-tasking, and that its emphasis on the touchscreen interface makes it difficult to do finely detailed work.

Also, I saw this video a few days ago, and thought of you: Photoshop Cs5 Filters Animation. ;>

Jean said...

I have set up both monitors (whee!!!) but haven't installed Photoshop and Lightroom yet. Those are the only applications that I regularly work between. Well, other than Mozilla and Word, but I haven't put Office on this machine yet, either. All things in time. The grandson is staying with us this week and I haven't wanted to do much that required unbroken concentration. 7 year olds are like that...

Jean said...

I think the Start menu is better. I can configure it much more easily using drag and drop to move apps and right click to pin and unpin them. I unpinned most of the apps that Microsoft thought I'd want and have a completely different selection. (How unsurprising!) I like how I can sort and group applications. I'm not using a touch screen, I'm using a keyboard, tablet, and mouse for input. I always prefer to keyboard when possible, then I use my tablet and last, I mouse. It's easier on my hands.

As for finely detailed work, I can't say. Using a tablet precludes that. Were I stuck with a mouse or touchscreen, I'd be unhappy. Pressure sensitive, absolute location tablets are very, very different. With a teensy, low res touchscreen, I'd be pulling my hair out. Touchscreens were designed for convenience and speed, not detail. That's like complaining because your food processor doesn't make toast.