Friday, January 7, 2011

Which One to Learn?

Gaahh! I keep flip-flopping between learning more Photoshop tricks and learning more about Lightroom. They both are tantalizing. I'm motivated and eager to learn them both. I have an e-book on Photoshop, I have a DTB for Lightroom, and a whole lot of videos for both.

I sit at my computer, pull up something instructional and I'm able to put it to work shortly after. I'm not going through any of my references from start to finish. By bouncing back and forth, I'm afraid I'm going to skip something important, or speed past a very useful tip.

I didn't retain enough of the important information out of the first few videos I watched. I wasn't working along with the video and pausing it frequently to practice. I need to go back and take more time for practice. If I don't do the 'homework' I haven't really learned it.

I learn best in small, specific sections, with repetition and breaks. But I'm so eager to learn both of these applications, I try to gulp down several sections at once and my brain chokes.

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Anonymous said...

I just signed up for a Lightroom course. Yay! Then again, I don't have Photoshop so I don't have that dilemma...