Saturday, January 1, 2011

See it, Fix it!

Yep. All that studying is paying off. I've got some slight chromatic aberrations in a strongly sunlit photo. Just the teensiest hint in one area, but I can see them and I just fixed them! I am loving this. Absolutely loving this. I knew what chromatic aberrations were, but I'd never been able to see them in one of my photos. Partly because I hadn't pushed the envelope to the point where they'd show up (they don't happen in the average snapshot) and partly because if I didn't know how to correct for them looking for them wasn't going to be of much use.

Lightroom is allowing me to make the correction for this lens issue and even fine tune it. Yay!

I'm also finding that all my years of working with film are paying off. When I set my camera the way I like it, I get pictures that don't need a lot of adjustments to look really good.

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