Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Yield

I'm packing up my studio to haul it South. It will stay either in storage, or in my MIL's house until we move. I'm hanging out at her place most of the time, anyway. Will I really have a studio? No. I'm hoping that I can prevail upon her to let me put up a table in her work space on the glassed in porch. With the cat litter boxes. Because it certainly won't fit in the bedroom we are using. I'm not talking about a full 8' folding table, I'm talking about my wooden camping table that's half that size.

It will be like going out for a crop that never ends. I'm thinking that a lot of my stuff will end up in Rubbermaid tubs that will stay in the back of my truck. There isn't storage space inside her house. I've been spoiled with my custom closets.

I've finally realized that I must mark boxes clearly with the contents. Especially since it may be many months before I see those boxes again. I will not remember what is in them. I'm not used to that, I'm used to packing things up and then unpacking them within a few days. I might not unpack these boxes until March.

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