Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where Was She?

OK, I can no longer read that 'Scrapbook Update' blog that I thought was accurate. She described the CHA consumer show as being a great event, all wonderful and pleasant. Hah!

Two of my friends were there as consumers. They purchased tickets on-line in advance, to avoid a wait. But they stood in line for long enough to see that those that hadn't, were getting into the show with almost no line at all. The employee who was asking how the ladies were enjoying the event so far got quite an earful, and started to walk away. When he was taken to task for this he said he'd already gotten his face slapped three times! Those would be some extremely irate customers, and they hadn't even made it into the show.

The make-and-takes had no age limit, so the lines were often due to very young children needing to be assisted through a task. The kids that were in the bounce area were screaming with joy(?) and the sound echoed through the arena. Happy kids screaming is something that I enjoy, but only for a brief moment. I'm told the screaming went on all day. They fought strollers, large crowds, long, long lines and saw the same stuff that they had recently seen at GASC.

The ladies I'm writing about had purchased tickets for two days and decided that even though they hadn't gotten to see everything, it was not worth the lines, the crowds, the noise and the annoyance to go back for the second day. One lives nearby in Florida, and the other flew in. They didn't see each other at the show and don't even know each other well.

So, that Update Blog is no longer on my regular reading list and I know I'll give the consumer portion of CHA a miss the next time it pops up. Ugh. It sounds like a nightmare.

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