Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crossing 'T's and Dotting 'I's

I have finally finished unzipping, sorting and tagging those kits. When I have a huge job to do, I always realize midway that I need to be nit-picky-perfect about naming files, putting files in exactly the correct folders and so on. I go back to the beginning and fix what I can find or remember. By the time I make it to the end, I just don't care and let errors slip through again.

I will admit that I just threw in the towel at one point and pulled a Scarlett. "I'll worry about that tomorrow."

If and when I finally get all of my files up to standard, I will put every single preview into one directory, so I can search all of my digital scrapping files more easily. I have so much stuff that searching by tag doesn't really work. It takes too long to go through that many files.

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