Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Working on Anything

We took another trip to Disney and I have not been home to work on anything. I've got about 350 photos to sort through. I did purchase a few more Ztampf items when she had her sale, but I haven't been able to look through them in depth and get them tagged so I can find them easily. No review of Ztampf items. I love everything she does.

And my laptop turned into a brick. If you can't fire it up and use it because of a virus, it isn't a laptop, it's a brick. When I did fire it up, I was running scans and doing the uninstall-reinstall dance. Finally, I got the virus completely removed and I have a laptop again. I am rejoicing.

How did I get a virus? I clicked on the "Next Blog" link here on Blogspot. I got sent to a Blog that wanted to sell me music, I believe, and without me doing anything else, I got handed a virus. I didn't open any attachments, try to download music or do any of the usual things that gives you malware. I just clicked on "Next Blog." To make things worse, because I closed my browser immediately and started the reboot, uninstall-reinstall dance, I don't have it in history to report it as a problem to Blogspot. Grrrrr...

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