Monday, November 3, 2008

Backing up Files

As it is close to the beginning of the month, I am taking a few moments to make sure that my back up system is in order. My process is pretty simple. Download files. Move files from laptop to EHD, leaving a copy on the laptop. When I have enough files, I burn them to a DVD and delete them from the laptop and the EHD to save space. Finished and in progress layouts are stored on my small EHD. When I feel the need, I copy them to my second EHD. The goal is to have two copies of a file, but not more than two.

The most important steps are based on a question I ask myself before I shut my computer down for the night. "If I could not re-start this computer tomorrow morning, would I be upset?" If the answer is yes, then I make a backup. If the answer is no, I just shut it down.

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