Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everything Works, if You Let It

I had some polyester satin to line a garment. I knew it was going to ravel and that I should take the pieces directly from my cutting table to the sewing machine, to finish the edges as quickly as possible. But I foolishly thought that if I simply did not touch the cut pieces, I'd be good for a while.

I cut the pieces using a rotary cutter, for the least possible jostling and movement. I removed the waste fabric, the pattern, and the pattern weights and left my lining pieces as little touched as possible on my cutting table. Glancing up from working on some other task, I watched as threads unraveled and fell from the edge of the piece to my cutting table without me even getting near them. No drafts, no movement. The threads were simply falling off with no outside interference.

I got those pieces to my sewing machine immediately, but still ended up having to re-cut some of them, as so much fabric had unraveled that they were no longer the correct size. Lesson learned.

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montuos said...

I once made a skirt out of a fabric that literally ravelled while you watched like that. Fortunately I noticed before I even pinned on my pattern pieces. I ended up using an entire bottle of Fray Check on the edges as I cut it out. It's a pity I didn't notice while it was still at G Street; I'd never have bought it even from the $1.98/yd remnant table if I had!