Saturday, April 16, 2011


105. Tip #105. The Quick Mask is a tool that helps me use other tools. Some people think of it as an additional selection tool. The marching ants can cause problems when you want a precise edge. It’s like using a broad paintbrush to mark where you want to cut something. I use the keyboard shortcut of the letter ‘Q’ and a layer of pink shows up over the areas that are NOT selected. I can paint with white, to reduce the pink and make my selection larger, or black to subtract from the pink zone, making adjustments to the area I have selected, without having to worry about pressing the correct keys to add or subtract from my selection. When I want the marching ants back, I just press Q again. I can go back and forth as many times as I need. Ants-Mask-Ants-Mask.

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