Saturday, May 29, 2010

File Sizes and Types

I was talking with a man who calls himself a photographer. A hobbyist, but still a shutterbug. He doesn't do much post-processing and uses Photoshop Elements to work with his images. He thinks he gets five good shots out of each hundred he takes. He also does not bother with shooting in RAW, as he says it takes too much time.

Hello? How can it take too much time? I press the shutter, the camera records an image. I'm capturing both .jpg and RAW. It takes a few extra seconds to copy the files, as I separate them in my file system, but that would be the big difference.

I want to capture the most data that I can for each picture. There is no point in owning a camera capable of taking huge photos, and then taking teensy little images with it. I can't work with a photo that is teeny. There isn't much you can do with it. If a photo is huge, I can make it smaller, but I can't take a small photo and make it large.

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