Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fifteen? Really?

I was reading a post on one of the forums I read about digital scrapping and I realized that the person making the comment had fifteen different designers and stores listed as being ones that she creates for. Fifteen!

The number of pages each month that lady has signed up to create boggled my brain. I checked her gallery. She's one of the 'white space' adherents, creating a frame that's bedecked with danglies and then she leaves the rest of the space blank. She's one of the better ones, with some innovative designs. That style calls attention to the embellishments, and that's what the designers want to sell their kits.

I don't care for those layouts, for several reasons. First, it is because the decoration gets my attention more than the photo does. The photos are usually quite small, under 3"x3". I don't make layouts to show off the embellishments in a kit, I make layouts to show the photos. Also, I scrap for men. I don't use floral, scrolled, ribbon bedecked frames. They are way too delicate, pretty, feminine, and other words that men do not want associated with them.

The interesting conclusion to this is that a layout that is successful in selling a kit is probably NOT a layout I want to copy. If it sells the kit, it shows off the embellishments, not the photo. I want the photos to be the focus, not the embellishments.

Will I scrap lift some of her ideas? Indirectly. She is an excellent designer and some of her layouts are well worth lifting pieces of. I'll use some of her concepts in putting together sets of embellishments.

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